Kamaitachi was formed in October 1985 in Kyoto by Ken-chan and Yama-chan, both will be later known as Crazy Dancer Nancy Ken-chan and Mogwai respectfully. Kamaitachi was one of the most influentical and popular bands of the early visual scene. C.D.N Ken-chan will be noted as a major influence in the visual scene by being a member of the later bands Sister's No Future, The Dead Pop Stars, and Anti-Feminism.

   The band wasn't always called "Kamaitachi", but were originally called "Mogura". But after a practice jam, Ken-chan decided Mogura wasn't the right name for the band and thought Kamaitachi fit the group better. The group's first live was held a month after their formation and managed to release three demos from 1985 to 1986. As a band, Kamaitachi had a rocky start. They didn't know where to go or what to do and couldn't hold down a steady line-up. The image they had varied depending on who was in the band. During this period, their look ranged from looking like KKK members to just wearing pajamas. After Wataru and Shinobi left the band, things started to look great for Ken-Chan and Mogwai.

   In October of 1987, Sceana joined the group. Sceana had been in two bands previously before joining Kamaitachi. Along with Sceana came Andy. Andy would later form the band Decameron with Sceana's older brother, Naoki, in June 1988. But before Andy's departure, Kamaitachi released one demo tape with this line-up.

   The band didn't waste much time finding a replacement for Andy, by having Madoka join the group as soon as Andy left. However, after only being in the band for seven months, Madoka withdrawed from the group. Until they found a replacement, Andy and another guitarist helped the band out. Even in March 1989, Kamaitachi were still missing a guitarist. During this time, Kamaitachi held a "VS" concert against Zi:Kill.

   But before Kamaitachi's "VS" concert against the newly founded band BY-SEXUAL, the group managed to snag former Decameron bassist, Kazzy. This would be the final line-up for the band until they disband in 1991. Five months after Kazzy joins the band, Kamaitachi released their first album and did a mini-tour to support the band. Around this time, record labels were drawn to the quirky band due to both the rising popularity of bands like X and Color and the fact that Kamaitachi's first album sold very quickly.

   Before 1990 even started, Kamaitachi made their major debut by releasing the single "Hecha Mecha Hime". To help promote Kamaitachi, they were compared to Aura, another successful visual kei group of the period. The success of the single lead to a national tour and the album "Hacha Mecha Kyo". Kamaitachi were enjoying their fame until Crazy Danger Nancy Ken-chan fell ill mysteriously and was hospitalized in April 1991. In June, Kamaitachi would release their last studio album. Eight days after this release, the group annouced they were calling it quits. The reasoning is unknown, some say C.D.N Ken-chan's sudden illness cause some strain among the other members and others say the members wanted to go in different musicial directions. Regardless, on September 6, 1991; the band disbanded.

   After the disbandment, each member went on to do their own thing. Sceana first joined Seamonkey but the band disbanded soon after. Then, Sceana formed Genkaku Allergy with Kazzy. When Genkaku Allergy finished, Sceana and his brother, Naoki of Decameron, formed both Octopus Cult and Alien 9 Ball together. In 2006, Sceana revived Genkaku Allergy for a year until disappearing from the music scene. In early 2009, Sceana started up a new band called Intracerebral Hemorrhage that morphed into The Splatters. The Splatters disbanded on September 23, 2011. In 2013, Sceana started up Alien 9 Ball again. Oddly, in 2014, Sceana's official website shut down and has vanished from the music scene. All of his entries on the blog he shared with his brother Naoki disappeared during the summer of 2014.

   Kazzy disappeared from the scene completely after Genkaku Allergy originally disbanded. However, there has been a rumor about Kazzy being a guitarist in Alien 9 Ball.

   C.D.N Ken-chan formed the side project, Sister's No Future, with Color frontman, Dynamite Tommy. C.D.N Ken-chan also formed The Dead Pop Stars around the same time. In 1995, C.D.N Ken-chan changed his stage name to Kenzi. Kenzi is still active in the visual kei scene that he helped formed by being in the shock visual kei band, Anti-Feminisim. Kenzi also runs the record label, Anarcist Records which is a sub-label of Free Will Records. From 2009 to 2012, Kenzi was in the short lived super group, The Killing Red Addiction. Other members of TKRA were Dynamite Tommy (ex Color), Tatsu (Gastunk, ex Jacks 'n' Joker), and Sawada Taiji (ex X Japan). The Killing Red Addiction unofficially disbanded after Taiji's death.

   Mogwai career was a little more weak compare to the other members. Not much is known about Mogwai's career after Kamaitachi. He first went to join Alucard sometime after Kamaitachi in 1992. In some where around 2009, Mogwai joined Flesh For FLANKENSTEIN, a band that has also went by F.F. in the early '90s and DJ Flankenstein. In 2008, he and Kenzi performed along with some of the members of Seamonkey for the Free-Will Day of the three Marry Memorial Concerts. This was the first time Kenzi and Mogwai performed together since Kamaitachi's disbandment. Flesh For FLANKENSTEIN was signed to Under-Code Records, a sub-label of Free Will Records.