Welcome to Hacha Mecha! Hacha Mecha is a fanpage dedicated to the early 90's Visual Kei band, Kamaitachi (かまいたち). This site is the first Kamaitachi fanpage in English and most informative Kamaitachi fanpage in English. Hacha Mecha is a part of the Revertive Project. Any additional information, lyric translation help, and media donations is always welcome. There will not be any PVs or MP3s up for downloading here. This site started on March 29, 2009 and was first opened to the public on April 3, 2009. - Ayay

Latest Updates

27 Sep 2014

After running Hacha Mecha since 2009, I have decided to switch over to Cutenews for the updates.  It will make it a lot easier on my end to run Hacha Mecha.  I also changed the layout!  The old layout was super not friendly to smart phones, so I made one that should be nicer to smart phones.

New Changes to the Gallery

Even though I said I would update the galleries with updated scans that was previously there back in July 2013, I just now gotten around to doing it. 

So far, all of the old galleries have been updated.  I have not gotten around to scan all of the clippings and magazines I own.  I also need to scan my tour booklet and photobook.  So you might be noticing a lot of pictures are missing that were previously in the gallery. 

Also, you might have noticed there are sections for Genkaku Allergy and Sister's No Future under the Gallery section.  I've decided to include galleries of Kamaitachi related groups.  They will only feature group pictures and pictures of the member of Kamaitachi during the period they were in that group.  I am hoping in the next several months of buying some DPS and Anti-Feminism items so I can include those as well.

Other Updates

I have tried my best of having the band biography up to date as possible.  The only major thing that happened since 2009 is:

I'm not going to be documenting Kenzi's activity as he has a public Ameblo blog, but he's pretty much only doing DPS activities anymore.  There hasn't been anything relating to Mogwai or Kazzy.  Mogwai left Flesh For Flankenstein in 2009.  Kazzy is still MIA.

On the band member profile page, I have included "recent" pictures of the main four that I could find pictures of.  Basically, Kazzy is the only one that I couldn't find a picture that was dated before 2009.

Also, the album page now has the tracklisting posted.

~ Ayay

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