Band Members > Sceana

   Name: Sceana
   Other Stage Names: Sceana-417-Shiina, S69, s FRANKENSTEIN 69
   Date of Birth: November 1, 1968
   Blood Type: A
   Birthplace: Kyoto (As of 2009, Sceana claims he's from Roswell)
   Position: Vocalist
   Other Bands: Ekusukyu-shon, Deathblow, Seamonkey, Genkaku Allergy, Octopus Cult, Alien 9 Ball, Intracerebral Hemorrhage, The Splatters

Band Members > Kazzy

   Name: Kazzy
   Other Stage Names: Yattaruze "KAZZY" Sasuke
   Date of Birth: February 7, 1970
   Blood Type: X
   Birthplace: Kyoto
   Position: Guitarist
   Other Bands: Decameron (bassist), Genkaku Allergy

Band Members > Mogwai

   Name: Mogwai
   Other Stage Names: Yama-Chan, Dead Lee Mogwai, D-LEE
   Real Name: Yamazaki Koushou
   Date of Birth: March 29, 1967
   Blood Type: O
   Birthplace: Kyoto
   Position: Bassist
   Other Bands: Alucard, Flesh For Flankenstein

Band Members > Crazy Danger Nancy Ken-Chan

   Name: Crazy Danger Nancy Ken-Chan
   Other Stage Names: Ken-Chan, C.D.N. Ken-Chan, Kenji, Kenzi
   Real Name: Isshi Kenji
   Date of Birth: July 3, 1967
   Blood Type: AB
   Birthplace: Kyoto
   Position: Drummer
   Other Bands: Sister's No Future, The Dead Pop Stars, Anti-Feminism, The Killing Red Addiction

Band Members > Former Members

   Kazou (Vocals) - Left in 1986
   Wataru (Guitar -> Vocals) - Left in 1986
   P_Ken (Guitar) - Left in 1987
   Shinobi (Vocals) - Left in 1987
   Andy (Guitar) - Left in 1988 (Joined Decameron)
   Madoka (Guitar) - Left in 1989 (Joined Chou Chou)