Reunion Pictures

All of the pictures below were from Kenzi's October 12, 2015 concert celebrating his 30 years in the music scene. I only included pictures that had at least either Mogwai or Sceana in them. As these were found off of various musician's twitters, blogs, and instagrams; there's no need to credit if you use these pictures.

20151016_kamaitachi_01.jpg 20151016_kamaitachi_02.jpg 20151016_kamaitachi_03.jpg kamaitachi + shinya.jpg kamaitachi+2b+george.jpg kamaitachi.jpg kenzi+mogwai+sceana.jpg mogwai+kenzi+kisaki+sceana.jpg mogwai+kenzi+sceana.jpg mogwai+sceana+tokyo+yankees+member+naoki.jpg tumblr_nw4co10XXK1ts4xh8o1_540.jpg